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“Acadian French in Contact: Connecting the Past and the Present”. A lecture by Ruth King (York University, Toronto Canada)

Published: Mar 17th, 2017

Wednesday, March  29 , 2017
3-4pm, Pugh Hall 210… Read More

“L’Autographe et son double: Nineteenth-century Forgeries of Seventeenth-century Manuscripts” a talk by Volker Schröder (Princeton)

Published: Mar 15th, 2017

Wednesday, March  22 , 2017
3pm, Pugh Hall,  302… Read More

“The World after Fukushima”

Published: Nov 16th, 2016

A film directed by Watanabe Kenichi and narrated by Michaël Ferrier
Presentation in English by Michaël Ferrier followed by screening.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 4.05-6pm,  FLG 0220… Read More

“Français de souche, Français de papier, Français de branche” a talk by Michaël Ferrier

Published: Nov 9th, 2016

Monday, February 27, 2017
4pm, Dauer 215… Read More

Yacine Balah

Published: Oct 10th, 2016

a conversation with Yacine Balah about his film Frères ennemis Tuesday November 1, 2016 10.45am, Dauer Hall, 215  

Retour sur image: Patrick Modiano et la Mémoire; la Mémoire de Patrick Modiano

Published: Oct 10th, 2016

a talk by Professor Martine Guyot Bender
Wednesday November 16, 2016
4pm, Dauer Hall, 215
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“Confrontation and Aftermath: Remembering Wars in France”

Published: Oct 10th, 2016

2016-2017 Annual Project… Read More

La France et l’état d’urgence

Published: Feb 24th, 2016

a conversation with Justice Canivet
Friday March 11, 2016
2pm, Dauer Hall

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The interplay of language variation and language contact : French and Creole in Guyane (French Guiana)

Published: Feb 10th, 2016

a talk by Isabelle Léglise (SeDyl-CNRS, Paris)
Wednesday March 23, 2016
3pm, Pugh Hall 210

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“French and Picard: What is the difference?”

“French and Picard: What is the difference?”

Published: Jan 24th, 2016

a talk by Julie Auger (Indiana) Monday February 8th, 2016 3pm, Dauer Hall, 215