June 3Craig Osenberg

Workshop on Franco-American University Partnership

Dr. Carol Murphy (France-Florida Research Institute), Dr. Craig Osenberg (Zoology Department), and Associate Dean for Research Lou Guillette (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) attended the Workshop on Franco-American University Partnership in Paris, France, at the invitation of His Excellency Jean-David Levitte, Ambassador of France to the United States.

July 5 – 9

Dr. Catherine Grosdemange of the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, visited the University of Florida meeting with Dr. Randy Duran, Dr. David Richardson, Chair of the Chemistry Department, and with Lynn Frazier of the University’s International Center concerning cooperation between the University Louis Pasteur and UF. She will also be lecturing on organic synthesis research.

October 27 M. Pascal Filâtre, Nantes, Architect

M. Pascal Filâtre, Nantes, Architect, Bureau des Monuments Historiques, 2004 Richard Morris Hunt Fellow Conference on Historical Restoration.

Lecture: French Architectural Heritage: Preservation and Re-use. A discussion of theory and practice illustrated with historic buildings, urban protected zones, professional and student projects in France.

November 14 – 21

Dr. Irene BurghardtEcole Normale Supérieure, Paris. Chargée de Recherche, CNRS

Nov. 16 – Seminars in Physical Chemistry, 4:00pm, 209 Leigh Hall
Nov. 17 – Seminar in Quantum Theory Project, 4:00pm, 2205 New Physics Building

November 15 – 18 Marie Nimier

Herve Di Rosa, international artist, founder and president, Musée de l’Art Modeste

Nov. 16 –Animating the Imagination, A Multi-Media Presentation, 4:05 – 6:00 p.m., 2342 Turlington Hall
Nov. 16 – Reading in English with Marie Nimier, Goering’s Book Store, 7:30pm

November 15-18

Marie Nimier, novelist, Paris, France
Nov. 15 – Seminar in French, “Le Corps du texte”, 4:00-7:00pm, 219 Dauer Hall
Nov. 16 – Presentation with Hervé Di Rosa in English , Goering’s Book Store, 7:30 pm.
Nov. 17 – Reading from La Reine du Silence, 9:30-10:30AM, 219 Dauer Hall

December 1 M. Thierry Zéphir

M. Thierry Zéphir, Curator, Southeast Asian Art, Musée Guimet, Paris
Lecture in English: “From India to Cambodia: adoption and adaptation – An introduction to the iconography of Khmer bas-reliefs,” Samuel A. Harn Museum, 6:00pm

The France-Florida Research Institute, with the cooperation of Dr. Vasudha Narayanan of the Department of Religion, is pleased to sponsor the visit of Dr. Thierry Zéphir to the University of Florida. Dr. Zéphir teaches at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris on the art and techniques of Khmer bronzes, and he is the pre-eminent scholar on Cambodian art. He is the author of books includingDiscoveries Khmer and Angkor: A Tour of the Temples. Dr. Zéphir also curated the exhibition “Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia: Millenium of Glory” that premiered at the National Gallery of Art in 1997.

January – April

FFRI Visiting Professor: Maâti Monjib
Professor of History, University of Meknès, Meknès, Morocco

Dr. Monjib is the author of La monarchie marocaine et la lutte pour le pouvoir (1992) and co-author of a political biography, Ben Barka (1996). He will teach a course in the department of History on French colonialism in Africa during the spring 2004 semester.

Dr. Monjib’s visit is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Center for African Studies and the France-Florida Research Institute, with the cooperation of the Department of History.

January 19 – February 14

Gnapa Béatrice Kombé
An Ivoirian choreographer and artistic director of the all-women Ivoirian dance troupe “Tché Tché.”

Ms. Kombé will participate in the “Movement (R)evolution Dialogues: Contemporary Performance in and of Africa” conference, Feb 10-14, 2004. Please see websites <www.arts.ufl.edu/cwa> and <www.africa.ufl.edu> for more details.

Her visit is sponsored by the FFRI, the Center for African Studies and the college of Fine Arts.


Ysaÿe Quartet and Paris Piano Trio – Both the Ysaÿe Quartet and the Paris Piano Trio are established among Europe’s premier musical groups. The Ysaÿe Quartet was the first French quartet to win the Grand Prix at the Evian International String Competition.

For more information, see the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts web site: <www.performingarts.ufl.edu>

February 8 – 28

FFRI lecture series in collaboration with the UF Department of Physics.

Sunday, February 8

4:00 pm
University Auditorium

Dr. Isabelle Baraffe and Dr. Gilles Chabrier
of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon

Dr. Baraffe is Chargée de Recherche du CNRS and is a specialist in Stellar Evolution. Dr. Chabrier is Directeur du Centre de Recherches Astronomiquesand has made important contributions to the equation of state of matter and its applications to white and brown dwarfs, planets.

Isabelle Baraffe and Gilles Chabrier will be on campus February 16-28, 2004, (each will deliver a lecture).

Thursday, February 19

4:05 pm
New Physics Building, Room 1001

Colloquium with Dr. Chabrier: “From Brown Dwarfs to Exoplanets: The Physics of Substellar Objects”

Friday, February 20

4:05 pm
Bryant Space Center, Room 7
Astronomy Department Colloquium/Astrophysics Seminar with Dr. Baraffe

“Compact Binaries: Low Mass Secondaries in Cataclysmic Variable Systems”

Dr. Baraffe’s and Dr. Chabrier’s visit is sponsored by the FFRI and the UF Department of Physics, with the cooperation of Dr. Robert Buchler and Dr. Jim Dufty.

February 22 – 28

Agnes Hubert

Conseillère, Commission Droits des Femmes (EU Commission on Women’s Rights)

Conference organized by the Center for European Studies on “The New Face of Europe: Enlargement and Constitution Building in the EU.”
For more information, please visit: The Center for European Studies at UF.

February 26

Lecture: “L’Europe et les femmes. Identités en mouvement”
11:30 – 1:00 pm, 219 Dauer Hall, McQuown Room

Mme. Hubert’s visit is sponsored by the FFRI and the Center for European Studies.

February 25

Dr. Louis Balthazar
Professor Emeritus, Political ScienceLaval University

Lecture: “Canada and North American Integraion: A New Style of Friendship”
4:00 pm, 216 Anderson Hall

Professor Balthazar’s visit is sponsored by the FFRI, Department of Political Science, and the UFIC.

March 9 – July 15

Jacques-Henri Lartigue Exhibit – Photographs

Samuel A. Harn Museum of Art

This exhibit is sponsored by the Harn Museum of Art with the cooperation of the FFRI. It will be curated by Dr. John Cech, Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature and Culture, with the participation of Kerrie Oliver-Smith, Harn Museum of Art, Curator of Contemporary Art.

There will be a 56-minute dvd film in French on Lartigue shown at regular intervals.

March 13 – 18

Dr. Irene Burghardt

Chargée de Recherche, CNRS, of the Chemistry Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Dr. Burghardt has been invited to UF by Dr. David Micha, Department of Physics.

Wednesday, March 17
4:00 pm, Room 2205, New Physics Building

March 20 – 27

FACSEA Film Festival
Reitz Union Auditorium

March 19
Inch’Allah Dimanche, Yamina Benguigui

March 20 & 21
Etre et avoir, Nicolas Philibert
Laissez passer, Bertrand Tavernier

March 27 & 28
L’Homme du train / Man on the Train, Patrice Leconte
Sur mes levres / Read My Lips, Audiard

March 24 -28

Jean-Pierre Dozon, Anthropologist and Director of the Institute of African Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Author of Frères et Sujets: La France et l’Afrique en Perspective (Flammarion, Paris)

Dr. Dozon, Dr. Maati Monjib,Université de Meknès, Morocco, Visiting FFRI Professor, Dr. Abdoulaye Kane, UF Assistant Professor, Anthropology and African Studies will participate in a Table Ronde (en français), Subject: l’Afrique et ses relations avec la France.


French Contemporary Landscape Architecture Exhibit

The exhibition is organized by Dr. Terry Schnadelbach, Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design, Construction, and Planning, and the France-Florida Research Institute.

Reitz Union, 2nd Floor Gallery

April 3

Transforming Encounters: Children’s Libraries Unbound

A colloquium to explore a range of approaches, new and traditional, historical and contemporary, of bringing books into children’s lives.

Keynote speaker, Genevieve Patte (Joie Par Les Livres, Bibliothèque des Enfants, France), is sponsored by the French Consulate’s Cultural Services Office in Miami.

April 5 – 6 G Prince

Dr. Gerald Prince

Professor of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Prince is the author of several books, including a dictionary of Narratology (1987), Narrative as Theme (1992), and Guide du Roman de Langue Française (1901-1950) (2002). He is co-editor of the “Parallax.” series for the Johns Hopkins UP and the “Stages” series for the University of Nebraska P, as well as co-editor of French Forum.

  • Monday, April 5
    Lecture: “Romanesques et roman: 1900-1950”(en français)
    4:00 pm, 219 Dauer, McQuown room
  • Tuesday, April 6
    Lecture (in English) on narratology
    4:00pm, 219 Dauer Hall

Dr. Prince’s visit is sponsored by the FFRI, in cooperation with the Department of English.


April 12 – 20

Dr. Pierre Jacob
The Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS

Dr. Jacob is an FFRI Visiting Professor. Author of What Minds Can Do: Intentionality in a Non-Intentional World (Cambridge UP, 1997) and co-author (with Marc Jeannerod) of Ways of Seeing: The Scope and Limits of Visual Cognition(Oxford UP, 2003), among other titles, he is a philosopher of the mind, as well as a specialist in the neuropsychology of perception. Professor Jacob is the Director of the Institut Nicod in Paris, an affiliate of the Lyon Institute of Cognitive Science, and past President of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology. He will give three lectures at UF and meet with faculty and graduate students during his stay.

  • Monday, April 12
    “Do we know how we know our own minds yet?”
    4:00 pm, Department of Philosophy library, 303 Griffin-Floyd
  • Wednesday, April 14
    “Grasping and perceiving objects”
    4:00pm, DeWeese Auditorium, McKnight Brain Institute
  • Friday, April 16
    “The scope and limits of Chomsky’s naturalism”
    4:00pm, 219 Dauer Hall (McQuown Room)

Dr. Jacob’s visit is sponsored by the FFRI and the Department of Philosophy, with the cooperation of the McKnight Brain Institute and the Program in Linguistics.


April 22 – 23

Dr. Magloire Somé
Professor in the Department of History and Archeology at the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Dr. Somé is the author of La christianisation de l’Ouest-Volta: Action missionaire et réactions africaines, 1927-1960.


April 23

Lecture: “French Colonialism and Protestant Missions in West Africa: 1900-1945”
3:30 pm, 471 Grinter Hall

This lecture has been organized and is sponsored by the Center for African Studies.