February 11

Dauer Hall 219, 3:00-4:00PM

M. Gaël de Maisonneuve, Consul General of France in Miami, will visit UF on Thursday, February 11, and will greet students and faculty in an informal question and answer session (in French and in English) in the McQuown Room. For more information, please visit the site of Consulat of France in Miami

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Journal written by Laila, Graduate Student in French, on his presentation (PDF)

March 4

Dauer Hall 215, 4:00PM

A varitionist approach to Second Language Acquisition: IDENTITY ISSUES Lecture presented by Dr. Vera Regan, Professor of Sociolinguitics at University College Dublin, Ireland. She is a very well-known author and speaker on the topic Second Language Acquisition/variation studies.

ABSTRACT: This paper describes three studies representing different phases of a research thread in Second Language Acquisition (SLA): the acquisition of sociolinguistic competence investigated from a variationist perspective. These studies range from the ‘early phase’ Labovian approach to the recent more ‘ethnographic’ approach in variation research, based on the acquisition of native speaker variation speech patterns by Vietnamese speakers of L2 English in the US, the acquisition of French native speaker variation patterns by Irish speakers of L1 English in France, and the acquisition of variation patterns in Irish L2 and French L3 by Irish speakers in immersion education. The studies span the acquisition of sociolinguistic competence in different language types, different proficiency levels and different learning contexts, in both bilingual and multilingual individuals. The progression through the three studies shows that issues of identity have been present from early stage quantitative research in SLA and continue to be explored, with increased emphasis on identity construction. Results demonstrate that the combination of quantitative as well as qualitative data highlights the issue of identity construction in ways which neither approach (quantitative or qualitative) would have done, if taken singly.  A future research programme is proposed.

This program is free and open to the public.

Conference Poster (PDF)

March 22

“Varietes du Francais en Amerique du Nord”

International workshop (Lecture in French): L’effervescence linguistique en Louisiane by Dr. Sylvie Dubois, professor of French, Linguistics and Director of the centre pluridisciplinaire at the Louisiana State University; La palette variationnelle by Dr. Francoise Gadet from the Universite Paris 10; La couleur locale de la variation en Francais du Quebec by Dr. Helene Blondeau at the University of Florida.

Pugh Hall 302, 1:00PM – 4:00PM

March 24

What can be learned about the grammar of French from corpora of spoken French (Lecture in English) by Dr. Francoise Gadet

Pugh Hall 210, 4:00PM

Conference Poster (PDF)

April 9 – 10

ART and DEMOCRACY symposium included in Project EUROPA Imaging the (Im)possible Guest speaker: Dr. Francois Cusset, Professor of American Studies at the University of Paris. He is an intellectual historian whose body of work includes the critically acclaimed “French Theory: How Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, & Co. Transformed the Intellectual Life of the United States” (University of Minnesota Press, 2008).

Samuel A. Harn Museum of Art

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