Distinguished Visitors

Henri Lopes

Currently Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to France, Henri Lopes was Prime Minister of his country where he held several ministerial appointments. He also served as Deputy Director General for Culture and Communication at UNESCO. Henri Lopes is a renowned writer whose novels, essays, and short stories have been translated from French into many languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. His books include Tribaliques (1971), La Nouvelle Romance (1976), Sans Tam-Tam (1977), Le Pleurer-Rire (1982), Le Chercheur d’Afriques (1990), Sur l’Autre Rive (1992), Le Lys et le Flamboyant (1997), Dossier Classé (2002), Ma Grand-Mère Bantoue et Mes Ancêtres les Gaulois (2003).

Henri Lopes has received the Grand Prix de la Littérature d’Afrique Noire , and the Grand Prix de la Francophonie de l’Académie Française. He is also a member of the Conseil Supérieur de la Langue Française.


François Trémeaud

François Trémeaud is immediate past director of the International Labor Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a Professor at the University of Turin (Italy) lecturing on labor matters, their evolution at the international level, and their impact on the European Union.

The ILO is composed of 178 member countries represented by their governments, and employers’ and workers’ organizations. It carries out research on labor matters, formulates international labor standards, and provides assistance to developing countries through technical cooperation projects and programs. The US is one of the largest voluntary contributors to the ILO activities.


Dr. Samuel Sibide

Dr. Samuel Sidibe, Musée National du Mali, with Dr. Bogumil Jewsiewicki, Universite Laval, Québec and Dr. Charlotte Joy, University College London participating at the 14th Triennal Symposium on African Art (March 28 – April 1, 2007).


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